Ever since my first visit to Driminure I have wanted to rework its footprint to better suit its magnificent surroundings. My need to manipulate materials found me sanding old varnish from its weathered timbers, and preparing to paint its buttermilk rendering that in the interest of authenticity, ought to be removed entirely. I love the bones of this place, it's idiosyncrasies and all. The lady who owns it refers to it as, 'the house that jack built',  and after years of tending to its appetite for turf, is inclined to tear it down and put something modern and shiny in its place. In an attempt to quell such desires, I produced a set of rough plans with the hope of pushing Driminure into the 21st century before it gets knocked down all together. Even just in concept, marrying a 200 year old cottage with modern living proved difficult. The plans are a work in progress, but I intend to have them realised sometime in the next 10 years.